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Recent Additions


Winter Solstice (Y01E1)

29th March to 1st April 2013







Martial Arts
North East Co-operative

Regional Retreat - Craster

3rd to 5th May 2009




Regional Kata Practice

Heaton - 8th February 2009

Regional Course: John Sowden

Ryton - 15th March 2009

Regional Practice - PCHS

18th April 2009



Shin-do Shotokai

Shotokai International Meeting


3rd to 4th July 2010




Regional Course: Newcastle

11th October 2009

Shin-do Shotokai

Autumn School - Largs

13th to 15th November 2009

Shin-do Shotokai


2nd to 6th July 2010





Research Engine Day

Whiteinch Centre

21st February 2009

Spring School


27th to 29th March 2009

Spring School


8th to 10th May 2009





Stevie Gilmour & John Sowden

Whiteinch Centre

11th October 2008


16-19th November 2008

Research Engine Day

Whiteinch Centre

17th January 2009





Alan Neish

Whiteinch Centre - 31st May 2008

Junior Summer School 2008

Lancaster 1st-3rd August 2008

Research Engine Day

Whiteinch Centre - 9th August 2008




16-19th November 2007

Research Engine Day

Whiteinch Centre - 9th Feb 2008


11-13th April 2008



Junior Karate Courses

Junior Summer School 2009 - Lancaster

31st July to 2nd August 2009



Newcastle Shotokai

Dawn Practice

19th July 2009



Zenshin Dojo

Christmas Party '08

13th December 2008

Nic by Tara

13th December 2008

Zenshin Dojo

Christmas Party 2009

12th December 2009



Live Action Roleplay
Profound Decisions


11th to 13th September 2009




Khan's Naadam

8th - 14th April 2009


5th to 7th June 2009


24th to 27th July 2009



Carnival of Carnage

6th - 8th June 2008 


18th - 20th July 2008 


5th - 7th Sep 2008




21st-22nd July 2007

Harvest Ti me

14 - 16th Sep 2007

Celestial Gala

21st - 24th Mar 2008





Curious Pastimes

FC: Grand Banquet of Cymria

14th March 2009  

Renewal - Tolmers Scout Camp

27th August to 1st September 2009







24-27th August 2007

FC Banquet: Manx Vegas

23rd February 2008 


22nd - 25th August 2008



Music and Gigs
  Bryan Adams

Metro Radio Arena - Newcastle

1st November 2008







PCHS - Enterprise Week 2010

9th July 2010

PCHS - Paris 2010

30th May to 4th June 2010

PCHS - Year 11 Prom 2010

St James Park

23rd April 2010



PCHS - Skiing 2010 - Chatel

2nd to 10th April 2010

PCHS - Fashion Show 2010

31st March 2010

PCHS - Pirate Day

22nd October 2009





PCHS - Paris Trip 2008

26th to 30th May 2008

PCHS - Enterprise Week 2008

7th to 11th July 2008

EECBN Residential

Windsor Hotel - Whitley Bay

8th to 9th March 2008





PCHS - Paris Trip 2009

24th to 29th May 2009

PCHS - Enterprise Week 2009

6th to 10th July 2009

University of Newcastle Bar Society

Newcastle Law School

24th April 2009



Friends and Family

Imogen's Naming Ceremony


6th June 2010

Tim and Jo's Wedding

30th January 2010

Emily Anne Jackson


6th September 2009





Steven Sowden's Stag Do

Dublin - 13-15th July 2007 

Steven and Sarah's Wedding

Wadham College - 11th August 2007

Gary and Sharon Longford

Cambridge - 2nd May 2009





George's 18th Birthday Party

Bristol - 26th April 2008

Sam's 18th Birthday Weekend

29th August - 1st September 2008

Simon's 30th Birthday

Nottingham: Pre-Paintball

20th September 2008